Wear Sew Smart

“Wear Sew Smart” is a community service initiative to donate doll dresses sewn by teenage identical twin sisters. Our mission is to donate doll dresses to special education preschools to help improve vocabulary development, literacy, play and motor skills and also to inspire educators and parents with our personal journey from EI ABA to honors students. We primarily use fabric quarters, donated fabric scraps and recycled fabric from thrift stores to create our doll dresses. All dresses have shoulder tie straps. The dresses do not have zippers, snaps or buttons to prevent choking or fingers getting hurt. Each doll dress is stored in a bag with a child-friendly definition of a word that represents the pattern on the dress. Teachers are encouraged to introduce the doll wearing the dress, read the definition aloud, and pair with related picture books, so the students can learn more about the topic/theme.  Then, the doll should be played with, wearing that themed dress, to help the students improve their play skills.